New Comic Book Day


Week of July 28, 2021
  • Jack Skellington has a nightmare about all of the holiday doors opening at once! But out of that dream comes a fantastic idea to bring Halloween to all of the doors, to share the spirit of his favorite holiday with as many people as possible. His newest invention will take all of October to complete, so must ask one of his most trusted companions to take over the Halloween plans in his stead.
  • Creators: (W) Mallory Reaves (A/CA) Gabriella Chianello
  • $3.99
  • A new friendship blossoms between Miroku and a fan, and MiYoShi's popularity blossoms both onstage and behind the scenes. Meanwhile, Fumi discovers Miroku was her mysterious hero, after all! Does this mean that a sweet romance between a brand-new idol and his manager is also about to bloom?
  • Creators: (W) Mochiko Mochida (A/CA) Mochiko Mochida
  • $12.99