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Week of October 27, 2021
  • When twins Dawn and Dusk, young members of the Amazon rain forest's Morning Tribe, discover that their homeland is being threatened by Global Agricorp mercenaries, they gather their friends and rise to the challenge of protecting it. But young Tom Toll, estranged son of Agricorp's boss, ventures alone into the forest intent on destroying the people of the Morning Tribe, and finds himself in danger. He is saved by Dusk and Dawn and a deep bond forms between them as Tom gains an understanding not only of the forest, but of shared values and a greater global mission. The Morning Tribe's theme and content derive from the work of the White Feather Foundation created in 2007 by Julian Lennon that has been active in the rain forest for more than a decade.
  • Creators: (W) Bart Davis, Julian Lennon (A) Alejandra Green, Fanny Rodriguez
  • $16.99