New Comic Book Day


Week of July 28, 2021
  • As two kids give their grandpa a tour of Paris, he starts an interesting conversation with them-about where all the art they see in their lives-from the movie house to the stadiums to museums and even the subway-started. His impromptu history lesson goes back to the first Cavemen drawings to the pyramids of Giza, and by the end of the book includes Greco-Roman feats of ingenuity and the frescoes of the Renaissance. Recounted as a narrative about why different civilizations created different kinds of art, centuries of art history are explored entertainingly for young readers. Iconic works, such as Donatello's David and The Book of Kells, are included as well as architectural feats like the Colosseum.
  • Creators: (W) Marion Augustin (A) Bruno Heitz
  • $12.99