New Comic Book Day


Week of July 28, 2021
  • An explosive sexual free-for-all by the artist of Devilman Grimoire! Eighteen-year-old karate expert Misora Haebaru moves to Tokyo to pursue her dream of becoming a famous singer. Unfortunately, her sleazy handlers trick her into the adult entertainment industry instead. Her only way out is to survive a martial arts tournament where she must fight her way through one hundred lustful male opponents. If she loses, she will pay the ultimate erotic price!
  • Creators: (W) Rui Takato (A) Rui Takato
  • $19.99
  • A fun and funny tale of a sex worker's otherworldly adventures! Stranded in a fantasy world inhabited by magical beings and demons, call girl Yuzuki has only one clue on how to get home again: her enchanted grimoire has a list of creatures she must pleasure in order to break the spell. Fortunately that's all in a day's work for this consummate professional!
  • Creators: (W) Masahiro Morio (A) Masahiro Morio
  • $13.99