New Comic Book Day


Week of July 08, 2020
  • We are midway through the 1970s and this volume features several benchmark storylines, including a "double track" sequence with two parallel narratives: Peppermint Patty competes in a Powderpuff Derby while Charlie Brown finally meets his baseball idol. There are also obedience school fiascos, waterbed dilemmas, and Marcie's unwanted suitor. All of these classic gags starring Snoopy, Schroeder, Lucy, Franklin, Rerun, and Sally are introduced by writer and comedian Robert Smigel.
  • Creators: (W) Charles M. Schulz (A/CA) Charles M. Schulz
  • $22.99
  • Eight-Lane Runaways is unlike any graphic novel you've ever read. It is a fantastical world of endless tracks where one runner relies on her poncho to give her direction, another deals with a suddenly missing appendage. There's also algebra dogs, a juice institute, and a helping network that consists of miles of string that proves that no matter how far apart, the friends you can rely on are the ones you met while pacing life's twisty-turny trails.
  • Creators: (W) Henry McCasuland (A/CA) Henry McCasuland
  • $24.99