New Comic Book Day


Week of October 27, 2021
  • The Harvest is plenty! Welcome to the Harvest of Horror and a second season of stories that are a smorgasbord of entertaining tales designed to thrill, chill, and just plain ol scare the hell out of you! From a wish fulfilling fountain statue to a woman with a set of hungry cats; from World War 1 demonic soldiers to an unknown creature beneath the sea, there is plenty more in store for readers to explore. So sit back, relax if you can, and be prepared to be served up a heaping helping of horror!
  • Creators: (W) Peter Breau, Evan K. Pozios, Jaden Breau, Cody Sousa, Caleb Thusat, Alex Sousa, Ken Christensen (A) Rick Tombs, Brian Maikisch, Nik Poliwko, Nestor Ruiz (A/CA) Dan Gorman
  • $10.99