New Comic Book Day


Week of May 05, 2021
  • A "supernatural" take on the zombie apocalypse this is self-contained Deadworld spin-off story from the original creators of Deadworld! Here is the saga of a female hybrid between the living and the dead known as Tattoo. And in order to piece together answers as to why there are an increasing number of "intelligent" zombies leading the onslaught of the dead armies against humanity, the zombie slayer Tattoo must travel into the depths of zombie hell in the city of New Orleans. There she will find the ruling warlord of the dead...The Rasta Man. Collects the entire Tattoo.
  • Creators: (W) Ralph Griffith, Stuart Kerr (A) Jake Jacobson, Mike Larson, Jason Baumgartner, Sam Varney, Mike Mikolajczyk, Patryk Cabala (CA) Mariusz Zabdyr
  • $14.99